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Fixed Points Travel Program

Fixed Points Travel Program

With the Fixed Points Travel Program, you can now use your Membership Rewards® points to book flights within Canada or to anywhere in the world for a fixed number of points.

No more guesswork – just the freedom to book and travel when and where you want. And the best part is you can book any airline, fly any day of the year, and even book right up to a day before departure! Simple and straightforward.

The number of points will stay the same regardless of flight availability, time of year, or popularity of the flight.

Redeem your Membership Rewards® points for flights in just 3 easy steps.

1. Log in to your account at .

2. Search for the flight and dates of your choice. The Fixed Points Travel Program will only be available if you have enough Membership Rewards® points to cover all travellers at the fixed points amount.

3. Redeem your points. Redeem the fixed points amount towards the base ticket price, which is the cost of the flight excluding taxes, fees, and carrier surcharges. Don’t forget – you can also use your Membership Rewards points to pay for taxes, fees and other surcharges with the Use Points for Purchases program!

You can redeem a fixed number of points to cover the base ticket price of eligible flights up to the applicable maximum base ticket price.

The base ticket price (often referred to by airlines as the base fare) excludes taxes, fees and carrier surcharges. You will be charged for these additional costs and any dollar amount that exceeds the applicable maximum base ticket price. The Fixed Points Travel Program applies to airfares offered through American Express Travel Services Canada or on

When you redeem points for an eligible flight, the full cost of the flight, including taxes, fees and carrier surcharges will be charged to your Card upon booking. Within 5-10 business days from the date of booking, you will receive a statement credit for the base ticket price up to the applicable maximum base ticket price. If your statement monthly cycle cut date falls between the date the transaction is recorded on your statement and the date the statement credit is processed, you will be responsible for paying your monthly statement in full. The statement credit will be applied against your next statement.

Full terms and conditions for the Fixed Points Travel Program can be found at .

The Fixed Points Travel Program is not available for Corporate Cardmembers.